My letter to Razer after trialling a Huntsman Mini.

Dear Razer,

As a keyboard enthusiast and full time software developer I’m impressed with the RGB integration within Synpase, really cool. But I’m very disappointed at the limited keymap customisation possibilities. Today I unboxed my Razer Huntsman Mini and I thought some feedback might hopefully help bring this on top of all other 60% offerings, truly. It seems like you guys are now taking on community feedback, and that is freaking amazing! I really, sincerely hope that this sort of thing doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

This product has reintroduced me to Razer as a brand and Synapse 3. I never used Synapse 2 so I don’t know if what I request/suggest is going to be coming to Synapse 3 or not? If it is not, I strongly suggest this feedback goes through to your Product Managers and development teams. Like any user providing feedback, I believe that my feedback is crucial to the betterment of your software. Further to that point, I believe it would open your keyboard lines up to other keyboard enthusiasts like me who’re on the fence of a purchase. Heck, one good post on a Discord or Reddit page can change the fate of a product!

Firstly, Hypershift is a brilliant idea and it’s a good first step, but it needs work. Foremost, why not allow users to remap the default Hypershift layer keys? I’m talking about not being able to remap any of the keys which have a side-printed keycap, which on your Razer Huntsman Mini is over 50%! One of the ramifications is that I can only map 11 alpha keys? Think about how crazy that actually is. It’s so bad.

Hypershift marketing material touts a customised Hypershift layer … but it’s only limited the keys you guys haven’t set a default? Come on … that’s a big let down for me.

For example, when in Hypershift I want E, S, D, F to act as my arrow keys … but I can’t assign “E” to “Arrow Up”, because it always has to be mapped to “Previous Track”. What a PITA.

I love that I can assign other keys as my Hypershift key, that’s very cool and something I wasn’t expecting. I’ve got my Left Ctrl set as an alternate Hypershift key and it’s brilliant. It means I can Hypershift with only one hand. But why can’t I remove the default position assigned to Hypershift — “Fn”? It feels half baked.

In another example situation, I might want to have the arrow keys on the RShift, Fn, Application and RCtrl keys.

Also, consider the ability to introduce TAP and HOLD on keys to change the function. For example, few people HOLD Spacebar. Especially when gaming — it is a well under-utilised key. If I could set it up so that I could HOLD Spacebar to activate Hypershift and TAP Spacebar to do a traditional Space action — I would! That would be ridiculously overpowered and perfect for gaming. That way you can Jump and have access to a plethora of other keys without moving your fingers, just while holding Space.

One reason that I’m really surprised and felt the need to reach out, is that these functions are available in open source keyboard firmwares such as QMK. And, I believe even some of the direct competing 60% keyboards such as the Anne Pro 2 which came out in 2017 or so? The ObinsKit software which programs the Anne Pro 2 allow a much broader functionality for getting the keymap that you want. It feels very non-Razer for this to be the case.

Razer should be king of innovation, you’re an industry leader. I love that you’ve brought out a 60% keyboard for gamers (and thank you for doing so) — but it could be so much more than what it is! I have no doubt all of the suggestions are possible through updates to Synapse. Pulling it off would mean some brilliant and unique capabilities for your customers. And I believe could lead to breaking into the massively growing Mechanical Keyboard community.

Kind Regards,


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