I love monitors — I’ve no doubt bought/sold too many and I’m still on the hunt for the ultimate one. I think it’s because my perfect monitor is constantly evolving to follow the new technologies released and what my primary use case will be.
I went from being a gamer first (as a young lad) to being a graphic designer, a freelance photographer/videographer and now I’m a Backend Developer. I’m astounded no monitor has the perfect combination of specs for me (as I see it) even though there is a staggering number of marvellous options.

Dear Razer,

As a keyboard enthusiast and full time software developer I’m impressed with the RGB integration within Synpase, really cool. But I’m very disappointed at the limited keymap customisation possibilities. Today I unboxed my Razer Huntsman Mini and I thought some feedback might hopefully help bring this on top of all other 60% offerings, truly. It seems like you guys are now taking on community feedback, and that is freaking amazing! I really, sincerely hope that this sort of thing doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

This product has reintroduced me to Razer as a brand and Synapse 3. I never used Synapse 2 so I don’t know if what I request/suggest is going to be coming to Synapse 3 or not? If it is not, I strongly suggest this feedback goes through to your Product Managers and development teams. Like any user providing feedback, I believe that my feedback is crucial to the betterment of your software. Further to that point, I believe it would open your keyboard lines up to other keyboard enthusiasts like me who’re on the fence of a purchase. Heck, one good post on a Discord or Reddit page can change the fate of a product! …

This is a very quick post which will hopefully help the next person along who’s sprouting more greys than they needed to because of sheer frustration.

My Macbook is picking up my PA329Q as a television and therefor, without my intervention, was sending it a YCbCr colour space. That means that the monitor’s display looked like absolute garbage, especially the fonts which looked blurry beyond reason because they didn’t have the required little in-between-colours that it needs to alias correctly. …

My small freelance photographic business has seen a steady enough increase in the past years to warrant the purchase of a colour calibration tool. I wanted to purchase something that will keep giving for a few years and cover off any setup that comes and goes on my desk.

I settled on the i1 Display Pro after reading through a number of reviews on B&H and YouTube. The overarching point that I took away was that the comparable Datacolor variant’s software was quite buggy, didn’t offer quite as many features and wasn’t as accurate. So naturally I ponied up the extra dollars and went for el primo. I wasn’t able to find a huge amount of information that helped me, I think that comes down to my short comings and understandings with colour and it’s many seemingly complex topics as I’ve no doubt it’s out there but I shouldn’t couldn’t nail the search terms. …

I recently purchased the GK64 through PC-100.com’s September group buy and I want to share what I can because it’s new, needs more information out there about it and I wanted to practice writing. It’s not without flaws but in short, if you’re looking for a 60% keyboard, (with dedicated arrows keys … ‘65%’) with multi-mode RGB back lighting, your choice of switches and a USB C connection then this is your keyboard. Those features come together in no other 60% that I have come across so it’s unique enough to get if you’re into collecting or if you’re looking for something for the long term. I intend to highlight some areas with room for improvements but overall the gist of this review is that I think the GK64 sits at a great price vs. performance level and you really should give it some serious thought.

Price & Buying;

I purchased the GK64 Kit#4 through the September group buy from PC-100.com for AUD$200 delivered (with the most express mail they offered). There was/is a number of kits and bundles to chose from, it really was quite extensive … I won’t go into them all but see Network_Operations’ graph for the simplest version or checkout the actual product page and ready that scroll wheel!

My kit included a PCB, Silver CNC Aluminium Case, Gateron Browns, Keycaps and a 1.5M black sleeved gold-plated USB C cable. …

It’s my intent for this review to help you better understand the size of the two GORUCK GR1s available, what I think is the most bang-up awesome stuff about them as well as some concerns and ultimately wether or not I think its worth the rather steep asking price. Hello, my name is Thomas and these are my post-purchase insights on the unbreakable GORUCK GR1 backpack.

Choosing a size;

I chose the smaller 21L version of the GR1 for a few reasons. I carefully considered the 26L because I’m precisely 6 foot tall which puts me right on the cusp between the two models, and according to GORUCK’s ideal sizes reference chart you should size up. I knew I was only ever going to use it as a daily carry for the key items I take to and from work and I didn’t want my bag to be saggy and sad when I had it packed with my gear.

So; the 21L seemed like it might be the right size to carry my essentials; laptop, headphones, mouse, sunglasses, water bottle, pack jacket and a few additional smaller bits and pieces. My hope was that it would fit all of those things easy enough and still offer a little bit of extra room for something like a change of gym clothes. It holds all of that just fine without being overly bulky, and offers some good stuff-ability should I find myself in a last minute I-don’t-have-enough-hands-to-carry-all-these-things pickle. So, for me it did indeed turn out that the 21L is the ideal size for the to and fro work foray. …


Thomas Hexton

Wandering where I didn’t think I could wander.

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